Following a personal experience with breast cancer, Jane and Glenn McGrath decided to launch the McGrath Foundation in September 2005 to do what they could to help families going through a breast cancer experience.

Leveraging Glenn’s profile as an international cricketer and learning from Jane’s personal experience, the Foundation was established to increase the number of breast care nurses across the country and to increase breast awareness.

Upon Jane’s passing in June 2008, Glenn assumed the role of Chairman and played an integral role in both managing the Board and engaging the community behind the Foundation’s activities.

In September 2013, after five years as Chairman, Glenn assumed the role of President of the Board.  In this role, Glenn is committed to the Foundation’s future success, upholding the original vision for the Foundation and representing the Foundation through major initiatives and connecting with the business world and broader community.

NSW Australian of the Year in 2008, Glenn is now recognised as an outspoken advocate for improved services for breast cancer and greater education for younger women around breast awareness.

1.We hold a mission day carnival because we are raising money for the girls in Vietnam so they  can have a good education and can have quality meals. 2.I would connect them because St Therese is a school willing to donate any thing and the way that we connect is because we run the mission day every year  so the mission is to raise the money for reach Vietnam. 3.Because we are catholics and Jesus always said that if you do good things, good things will return. So the more we help the people in need the better their life is going to be. 4.Because mission day is a day where everyone comes together to raise money for Vietnam and raising money for others is true faith. 5.I enjoyed making the haunted house because everyone contributed and we all worked well as a team, we scared a lot of kids and we raised a lot of money, so it’s defiantly been my most favourite mission day ever. 6.I would robably make the entery fee more so we can raise more money, but other than that I had a FANTASTIC day.

Living in a treehouse

”holy moly, did you build this all by your self” asked Will in shock. ”yeah do you want to have a little tour.” asked Macka, as the boys walked up the twisted stairs, they heard a creek in the floor, they ignored it and came along the ginormous space bowl,Will jumped in  and started singing I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky, Macka pushed the EJECT button and will landed flat on his face. Macka said next stop THE SHARK TANK. as they approached the tank they heard another creek in the floor but Macka just said ”it is just Riley fixing the tank down below.” as they came to the end of the tour Will said thanks and approached his car but all of a sudden CRASH KABOOM went the tree house, ”Iwill be getting a ride home with you.” said Will


Book-Into the forest

Review-This book is about a little boy who is very close to his dad but one morning he wakes up and his dad has disappeared. He goes for a walk to his grandmothers but along the way lots of kids are asking him for his cake that his mum baked for their nanny, when he arrives the dad is sitting down fast asleep, they share the cake and enjoy some hot tea.



Book-Cherub the recruit

About-This book starts with a young boy by the name of James, he is a young boy who gets into a lot of fights and punch-ups. when he decides to hang out with the wrong teenagers they end up getting him in a lot of trouble. when he gets cought up with problems with his mum he gets put in a foster care until cherub decides to take him to their headquarters and train him to become a spy, when he’s put on a case with a gas smuggle to prove that he is a spy. This book is a great read for young teens.






I was away for the pier assessment but I have managed to answer the last two questions,


1.The most interesting thing I learnt?

A.I learnt a lot about Anh do and his inspiring story on how he came to Australia.

2.I used my investigation time…….

A.I used my investigation time pretty poorly because I didn’t do enough work before I went on my holiday.

Text to text

I am comparing the 9-11 to where is the love.

The 9-11 is like where is the love because they are about bad drama and Asama Binladin is a bad drama because he ruined peoples lives and that’s what where is the loves words mean that the bad drama needs to stop and start focussing on the love. The people who triggered the 9-11 struggle to think on the good side of things and mainly think that they cant change that so they do bad things. The reason people commit crimes is because something has happened in their lives like a break up, drugs, homeless, alcoholic E.G. Those people think that they cant fix it but they rally can, the thing that no one understands is why do the take it out on other people?

Snapshot writing


The waves were pumping 2-3 ft and the water was minus 2 degrees. He was turning and carving on the wave. Jan Juc had a strong current so it was swaying the surfers from side to side.


As the boys were climbing the stairs of the lighthouse, they were huffing and puffing and when they made it to the top the view was as big as a modern day dinosaur, you could see the ships from a mile away.


As the laughing and screaming filled the air , kids were flipping and jumping and you could tell they were having fun, as you jumped into the foam, you struggled to get out.




Maths Talent Contest

For maths Indi, James H and I are doing the MTC, we are learning about maths in surfing. Our essential question is How does maths impact with surfing???????? Here’s a quick video about surfing in Victoria. HOW BIG DO YOU THINK THE WAVES ARE????????